Recipes against stubborn stains

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From inattentiveness, clumsiness or the fault of another the stainss are just stick to us. And sometimes as much as we treat them with washing powder and other special preparations, they refuse to go away. Then the old recipes come to help against stubborn stains.

Tactics and rules for cleaning stubborn stains

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The more you wait, the harder it will be. During the cleaning operation, be careful not to spread the spot. Before you start, look at the label of the garment – it will provide important information that you can later use for “treatment.”


If you do not know, check the fabric – some fabrics are too delicate and cannot be subjected to heavier stain removal procedures. No matter how angry you are from the unpleasant event, try not to get it on the cloth. If you rub too hard, you can damage the fabric.

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Among the most faithful helpers in cleaning stubborn stains are lemon juice, salt, water (in any shape and degrees). The salt absorbs and takes away the color of the stain. Talc has a similar effect. Lemon juice is recommended because of the citric acid content that dissolves the fat and removes the bad scent from the fabric. Cosmetics such as hairspray or glycerin soaps can also help you. The hairspray prevents the stain from penetrating the tissue, and glycerin is an enemy of the spots of coffee, ketchup and makeup. Here are some of the most common stubborn stains and tested recipes against them:

Oil paint – you can remove the stain with turpentine, gasoline or gas. If it is dry, carefully try to remove the crust with a knife.

Wine – white wine does not leave traces, but the stain of red wine can be a challenge for every housewife. However incredible it sounds, the biggest enemy of this leu is white wine. Other tried and tested methods are to sprinkle with salt, yogurt, milk, and if the fabric is white, you can also use oxygen water.

Wax – the romantic candle supper may not be so pleasant if you wax on your clothes. Place both blotting paper on both sides of the fabric and pass the place with a hot iron. The aim is to dissolve the wax. After the procedure, wash the garment. If you do not have an iron at hand, use a hairdryer.

Mustard – Try scraping the stain with lemon juice.

Chew gum – you will easily remove it if you freeze it. This can be done by inserting the garment briefly into the

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freezer (some put it in a bag) or by rubbing the gum with a cube of ice. Then, with a knife, remove the sticky pest.

Coffee – soak in cold water and then wash it. Another option is to put your dishwasher on the spot. Glycerin is also an option.

Both in clothes and in cleaning, certain rules must be followed to be effective. One tip from me is to follow the steps in end of tenancy cleaning guide, provided by some professional cleaning companies, you can find it here

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